“Perfect for Military personnel in the area who want to stay fit and max out Physical Fitness Tests. Optimizes your performance and has a very knowledgeable staff.”​
-Christopher M.



“Gary is awesome! I'm looking forward to getting into shape with his help. He is super knowledgeable and motivating! I was scared things would be too hard for me but he works with me at my own pace which makes things more comfortable! Thanks a ton Gary!”​
-Whitney J.





"Competitive Edge is giving me just that! Gary came up with my own workout plan to fit my life. Since I've started working out with him my back doesn't hurt after a long day at work, plus I love his enthusiasm and he's so excited that it rubs off on me! Thanks Gary!"
-Joseph D.

"Gary has made it fun (yes I said fun) to get healthy and fit. Every day is something different so you never know what each day brings. He's so encouraging and everyone you meet here is so positive.​"
-Felicia G.

"My boys not only have a great time at Competitive Edge, but they started back to football in great shape and ready to play! Gary not only works them out, he motivates them!"
-Veronica A.

"Thank you Gary for pushing each of us toward our goals. It is hard, but success doesn't come without hard work. Great squad means great leader!"​
-Kellee R.